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Feng Shui from the Heart is a blend of traditional Feng Shui principals of natural energy flow integrated with modern psychology to create an environment that inspires and empowers you to feel your best. Feng Shui can improve your environment no matter where it is. You can improve your home, bedroom or office. Feng Shui is very versitile in helping you live a smooth, happy and prosperous life.

Your environment is a reflection of you! Everything that happens inside of you manifests in the physical space-whether you can see it or not!
  • What message is your home/office/bedroom sending out about you?
  • What is showing up in your life as a result?
  • Is it what you really want?
  • Do you feel inspired and supported, by your living and office space?

Ideally, your environment should replenish your soul and assist you in manifesting what you wish for most deeply. The way the energy flows through your space is a mirror for the way it flows through your entire life. If you are feeling stuck and like you can't move forward, most likely there is something out of balance in the space.

Feng Shui can unblock areas in your home and office that may be holding you back and unleash your potential in all areas of your life! When we begin the process of healing our homes we simultaneously heal our wounds and open our hearts to allow, receive and share of our true gifts and passions with the world.

Read what clients are saying about their experience with Inessa and Feng Shui from the Heart.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of bringing you into greater alignment with your surroundings. 3000 years ago, the Chinese realized that humans weren't the only ones that had life force energy, aka "Chi", running through them. But that this "Chi" was also present in the wind (feng) and in the water (shui), the earth and in both animate and inanimate objects, and that when all of these elements are balanced, then a human comfort zone emerges!

Another way of looking at the relationship between your space and your reality is imagine for a moment that your thoughts and emotions are constantly shaping your experience. Just as you can attract people and situations with your thoughts and feelings, you too attract them with your home. Both are magnets for your conscious and unconscious intentions.

Are you happy with what you have created, or do you feel completely out of sync with your space and your life?

When you bring your Mind to how you position the Stuff around you, then you become a conscious co-creator of your life experience. You can choose to create an environment that reinforces qualities of balance, joy, peace and prosperity into your life with grace and ease!

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