Is Your Bedroom Zapping all the Romance out of Your Relationship?

See if any of the statements below ring true for you….

1. From my bed, I can’t see the door.
2. From my bed I’m looking at the door to the toilet
3. From my bed I’m looking straight at the TV, or have the TV exposed most of the time.
4. My bed is too small for anyone else but me and maybe my dog.
5. My bed makes a terrible squeaky noise.
6. My sheets are white and my bedroom is devoid of color.
7. I’m still using the same sheets I slept in with my ex.
8. My bedroom has too much color!
9. I can’t fall asleep!
10. “Make Love”, is that a foreign film, I could rent at Blockbuster Video?
13. I hate the pictures on the wall
14. The walls are bare there is nothing to look at
15. The room feels cold and uninspired
16. The room feels like it’s more about my partners energy than mine
17. I work in my bedroom
18. There are lots of books in the bedroom
19. I workout in the bedroom
20. I study and read and in my bedroom
21. I fall sleep on the coach, and never make it to my bed
22. My nightstand are filled with clutter
23. I still have pictures of my ex boyfriend in my room.
24. One side of my bed is pushed up against the wall

If you answered yes to even ONE of these, then you’re probably like most people and there is something not supporting you in your bedroom.

A Fun Way to Start Clearing Your Mental Clutter!

Get out a 8×11′ piece of paper and make a line in the middle creating two sides. On the top of one write, “My 10%.” On the other write. “for the Greater Good 90%.”

Then under your 10% write all the things you really want to experience in your life and also the things that are currently causing you worry, fear, feel unhappy, depressed, distracted, and tired.

Now I want you to circle the things that are under your immediate control. The things that aren’t I want you to cross out and transcribe to other side of the paper under the heading “for The Greater Good 90%.”

For example if one of the things I want is to release 10lbs and get in shape, but Im afraid that I will never have the willpower. I would place the”never have the willpower” on “for the Greatest Good” side of the page!

Can you allow yourself to let go of those things that you have no control over right now?

Place your hand on your heart and say, “I and allowing myself to let go of my fear that I won’t have any money. I am allowing The Greater Good assistance in my life as partner to support me.”


How many of the things under “My 10%” can you take a simple next action on in the next couple of days? What is that next action step? Write it down! Commit to a date. Call a friend or coach or email them to help you stay accountable to getting it done!

Are any of the things on your list, “someday one day maybe items”? It’s important to capture everything on paper! Create a separate someday one day list. Someday one day I will bungie jump!

According to David Allen, author of, ” Getting Things Done,” we are likely to seize opportunities that arise if we have identified and captured them as a possibility.

Once your mind is free and the greater good is your partner you can now co-create from a place of inspiration and imagination and presence because you no longer have all of these cycles of incomplete action running in your mind!

On My Way to Bali

I am in preparation mode for my trip to Bali to study Space Clearing with Karen Kingston.

The process of clearing, releasing, re-setting the energy grid in my body, mind and spirit begins now.

Old things, broken things, papers with scribble and doodles, gifts from old lovers, love letters, books I haven’t looked at in 3 years, books I will never read for another 10, and much more has left my space.

I have tossed, burned, gifted and sold many of the belongings that have taken up stock in my life and kept me anchored to a past that I now bless, but no longer need in my life.

The universe abhors a vacuum and I am ready for the NOW where abundance, love and peace grace every area of my life!

Feng Shui for Everyone: Giving Back to My Community

Dear Friends,

I’m in a place of gratitude. I’ve had incredible experiences this last year. My practice continues to grow and thrive and the transformative power of Feng Shui spreads throughout the world.

Come September I will be traveling to Bali to continue my studies with pioneer Feng Shui artist and space clearing expert Karen Kingston. I believe much of my success has come from the amazing support from my clients and friends.

My intention is to share my gratitude with you, your family and friends. Especially those people that have always wanted to try Feng Shui, but have felt it was too much of a luxury.

Here is what clients that have experienced Feng Shui have to say:

I call her the Mary Poppins of Feng Shui. She immediately spotted the weak
areas in my home, and in my life, and using a combination of USM
skills and Feng Shui art, suggested “remedies” that call me into a
deeper conscious relationship with myself and my world. I now feel
much better at my desk – my holy space for writing and creating – as
well as generally in my home. I highly recommend that you give
yourself this gift!

Elana Golden, Screenwriter, director, teacher, Founder of The Writing Studio

“Inessa has changed my life. She did it in the first 15 minutes that she arrived at my home. She’s very observant, can see problems immediately and knows how to fix them so that you can have prosperity, good health and great relationships if you want them.” Pat Saliba

“Thanks to Inessa, there is now a palpably peaceful and well-intentioned energy grid in my home. She has a very encouraging and coolly refined touch, and it was really fun getting feng shui’d.” Kevin Wile, Filmaker

“Sweet Inessa is nothing less than a miracle worker! After resisting her Fung Shui for more than a few months, I have finally decided to give her a shot. Now, faster than I have ever imagined, all my dreams are manifesting right in front of me!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am forever grateful!!!
One HAPPY & JOYFULL Customer, Lauren Gale, Author


My prices recently increased to $150/hour, and I am going to gift the next 20 people that contact me with a 1 hour on-site Feng Shui session for only $50 * This also applies to a one hour phone consultation.

Everyone is welcome to respond, but priority will go to those that that have never experienced Feng Shui before!

This special one hour consultation will include:

– Space Clearing
– Analysis of Energy Patterning in your space
– Recommendations for placement of furniture/ objects/plants/mirrors/art to enhance harmony, flow, abundance and love
– Cures to counteract blockages and drains

Please email me,, or call me to set up a consultation:310.926.2722

Love and Light

* If you choose to go deeper with the experience, then any additional hours will be at the reduced rate of $100/hr. For those that live 25 miles outside of the Santa Monica area there will be a fee of $20 added for drive time.