Summer is Almost Here, Turn Up the Chi and Have Some Fun!


Summer is the ultimate Yang Month and it’s on its way. Yang is an energy that supports all creative endeavors, outdoor activities,travel, new and reignited romance, optimal health and well being, as well as an overall good mood and fun!

In Feng Shui, summer is also associated with the color red, and the element of fire and the gua (area) called, “Fame, Reputation, Courage, Vitality, Image and Persona.” It’s really about letting your light shine and stepping into your greatest self!

Invite summer into your home right now by appealing to your 5 senses!

1.       Visual: Introduce pictures of great summer trips from the past, beach, sun shine, yellow and happy things. Also make room for all of the great summer pictures you will take this year!

2.       Olfactory: Scent is the fastest way to ignite your passion and zest for life! Regularly throw the trash out, have your carpet cleaned, and add natural summer scents to your home like jasmine and dried lavender and orchid. Citrus aroma therapy is divine and will bring fresh and fun to your home.

3.       Tactile:  I’m all about the style, but if you substitute aesthetics for comfort, your good chi will dwindle.  Create an area that you can totally lounge in. That might even mean getting a hammock  or a super comfy lounge chair where you can chillax. Also, Introducing Sea shells/rocks and sand will bring the warm summer feel right into your home.

4.       Sound: What do you hear? Are the sounds from squeaky, doors, leaky faucets, or rickety hardwood flooring getting on your nerves. Fix those right now and feel embraced by the sounds of the ocean, soothing wind chimes, a water fountain, or a CD with the sound of tropical animals. Make simple fixes to create soulful summer sounds.

5.       Taste: When is the last time you used your kitchen?  Kitchens are super important in Feng Shui terms and represent your creativity and abundance. Cook up a storm and literally let those creative juices flow into every area of your life by making and enjoying these refreshing Summer Drinks:

·         Ice tea with raspberries and lemon.

·         Blend Coconut juice and meat with mint and Agave.

·         Juice cucumber, Melon, Celery and kiwi!


Hit me Up With that Chi! Are you ready to bring your home to its next level of well being and inspiration? Want to spend more time in those good vibrations?

Hanging art, decorations, chimes, whirly gigs, crystals, stars, tapestries, etc, high up on the wall will help you strive for the best and reach for your dreams!



Inessa Freylekhman





too-many-shoes1.jpgStuff, Stuff, Stuff!!! Who doesn’t have at least one thing they cant live without? Whether it be your Starbucks latte in the morning that makes you 10 minutes late for work, or those Jimmy Choo shoes on sale at Sacks that you absolutely must have,  or another little black dress to add to your collection of cocktail attire, we  all have at least one piece of “STUFF” that

we hold onto for dear life!

If you’re anything like me, you have two or more. Come to think about it you may have 4 or more.

I’m talking here about  the old pictures you hang onto and never look at that are in the garage, or worse under your bed, or how about the clothing from 1960 that you keep around for your grandchildren, the stuffed animals from childhood, the poetry from your former flames that reminds you of how hot you “used to be”,  and all the Journals from 5th grade that are holding you in some form of adolescence, and wait what about all of those socks that have lost their mates, but you know that one day some day you will find the other pair, so you have a collection of onzees for an eternity. Not to mention your single status has been on place for just about as long.

In Feng Shui, the quality of your chi (life force energy) determines the quality of your life, which is determined by the quality of your….


I’m not talking about the Bugs Bunny kind of animation folks!
Environmental animation is likened to really good Chi, like really good sushi vs. grocery quality.

Chi is everywhere and it’s not like you are ever at a loss.  It’s just that some chi is more “animated” and some is.. well I hate to use this word, but DEAD!

When I walk into peoples homes, I can clearly see the quality of their chi in their living environments. Animated chi has an overall purpose and a lively joyful quality, wheres dead chi would rather be dead, pun definitely intended.
Here are some basic mathematical equations of Feng Shui that will help you in working through your Stuff.

  • Stuff = energy
  • Energy doesn’t always =  stuff
  • The more energy you have, the better you feel=all of the time!
  • The more stuff you have, the better you feel=never, or short lived
  • Things you love = Mucho Animation
  • Things you don’t=DEAD ENERGY
    Clutter =DEAD ENERGY
  • More space=more energy=more opportunities, money, cool experiences, people, travel, rest,peace, well-being etc
  • Less Space = More of the same

James Hillman,  a great modern day psychologist

contended that non-human objects also have souls. I know its hard to process that your Coach hand bag has a soul, or that your shag slippers your ex gave you have one too, but I’m not kidding you. I believe it was Thomas Moore who said that all objects contain a motor  quality, which means they are running and some are running out of gas, so make sure you can tell the difference.

Caveat: For those people that have a more serious problem  and have either classified themselves or been professionally diagnosed with “Hoarding”,  then my Simple Clutter Busters Tips below may not be enough to support your healing and growth at this time.  I have been in homes where the degree of stuff grows in proportion to a persons level of mental/emotional/physical and spiritual  well-being and you may need more support.

If you find that your attachment with your stuff is overpowering you , please visit the resource page below for help:

Get Help With Hoarding


 Bust your Stuff Baby! 3 Steps to Clear the Clutter

1. Ask:

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Does it support my intention or inspire me?
  •  Does it belong here (if not move it to where it does!)
  • Have I used it in the last 6 months?

2. Decide

If the Answer is “NO” then…………

Give it away, throw it away or ebay!

If the Answer is “I don’t know” then…..

Put it in a box date it, come back in 6 months with a trusted friend and if you can’t name everything in that box then its “Clutter” and give, throw or ebay.

3. If the Answer is “Yes” then… it’s a “Lovable” and you can Keep it!!

***If your stuff feels bigger then you, please grab a chair, or a latter and literally get “bigger” then your stuff. Tell the stuff who is boss and decide that you want to live a life full of freedom, joy, bills, abundance and ANIMATED CHI!

The Ultimate Feng Shui Workshop for Love


“You know youre in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Suess

Did you know that the bedroom is the hub of love and that when things get funky or awry in your love life, then the first place to make Feng Shui enhancements is always to the bedroom! Moreover, creating a nurturing bedroom can support you in moving into a deeper conscious relationship with yourself, which is so essential to manifesting a partner!

Regardless of where you are in the process of attracting your “one,” Feng Shui from the Heart will provide you with sure fire tools to align your home with your heart’s desire!

In Feng Shui for Love you will…

  •  Develop a vision of your ideal mate!
  • Release inner and outer blocks to love
  • Receive powerful tips for de-cluttering your love life!
  • Learn Feng Shui cures for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary for love!

Where: Philosophy & Tea, 13850 Bel-Red Rd

Bellevue, WA 98008

When: April 29, 7:30-9:30PM

Cost: $25 at the door & 20 in advance

Space in limited, to RSVP please call 425-891-6242



I Got My Yoni Back!


A few years ago, I made a transformational journey to Bali, Indonesia to study Space Clearing with Karen Kingston the clutter and space clearing expert. Even before my trip, I began to slowly release some of the “stuff” that had been bogging down my consciousness and life.

Her philosophy is that everything has energy in it and even if you can’t see it -on some level it’s either depleting or giving you positive energy. For example, things you hold onto out of fear, worry, concern, lack or guilt would be considered energy drainers, but things you keep around you because they make a positive impression on your life would be considered energy enhancers-not in her exact words, but this is the way I have interpreted it and teach it to my students.

One of the things I always encourage myself and my clients to release is ex-memorabilia-especially if it’s from a relationship that is toxic-but really any relationship that has your thoughts and feelings in a holding pattern. If you’re life is filled with stuff from memory lane, then it’s really challenging to live fully in the present and receive the newness this moment has to offer you. Especially a new partner!

Let the truth be told.

Up until those weeks before my trip, I had been holding onto a box of “stuff” from a very brief but blistering relationship. Actually that’s not completely accurate. Technically speaking the “stuff” wasn’t in my house. I had to give the stuff to a friend to hold at her apartment, so I wouldn’t be tempted to look at it every 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes, 3 seconds.

The box sat in her apartment and although I never saw it, I was still connected to it. The very fact that I couldn’t have it around says that it still brought up old feelings that were unprocessed. A part of my denial was the story I told myself that the stuff was art. I felt it was disrespectful to throw it away. I had huge plans to do something creative with it. Like write a script or make a collage out of it. The idea that I would make it into art is what I call holding onto unfinished business for a someday one day that most likely never comes. Clearly I use myself as the guinea pig for my theories.  I was never going to make art out of it and was just holding onto it and let’s be honest folks, because I wasn’t over the guy, no matter how unhealthy the relationship had been.

It was not until a week before I left to Bali and caught the momentum of the deep clearing work I was about to partake in when I finally mustered the courage and with the support of my dear friend took the package and threw it in the ocean.

It wasn’t that easy and not just because I feared a  group of  environmentalists would catch me and give me a ticket for polluting the ocean, but because the package came sailing right back to my feet both times I tossed it into the rolling waves.

Out of frustration and desperation, I tore apart the package and ripped each page into tiny pieces and blessed it. I thanked the man whose words were now bleeding threw the pages. I thanked him for opening me, for gifting me with his love and once again released it into the ocean. I released the jewels and all the bling he gave me too. I kept blessing and releasing until all that was left was the fruit printed wall paper packaging I had used to keep all those pages and gifts together in one bundle.

It was then when I, or should I say my dear friend that was there with me for support, made the startling realization that part of the reason, I hadn’t manifested a new lover was quite simply because this man had stock in my yoni!

For all who don’t know that word yet, a yoni is a woman’s vagina.

Yes, out of sight was not out of mind, or out of my energy grid. I was still connected to him on many levels through these romantic offerings he had given me, but not anymore. I took back my energy. I thought it would be much more devastated by the loss of the art, but I realize that I gained much more. I transmuted the gift through the cleansing waters of the ocean. The part of myself I had given away was mine again.

I got my yoni back!

Listen to Post Valentine’s Day Tele-Seminar, Lessons on Love

 If you missed my post Valentine’s Day Seminar, Lessons on Love, you can still listen to it here


Lessons On Love- A Complimentary Tele- Seminar on Feb 16, 8-9:30PM


Please join me and dating strategist Damona Resnick, for a complimentary tele-seminar that will support you in preparing and attracting the love of your life!!!

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From Chaos to Cosmos: How You Can Help Your Teen Bring Order to their Bedroom and into their Life!

Feng Shui is all about creating uplifting environments where we can thrive! Sometimes that means letting go of those things that no longer serve us. The objects in your teen’s room are either empowering or disempowering them and can effect everything from self-worth to productivity.

Clutter can stagnate and feels like an overall drain! Support your teen in moving into a deeper conscious relationship with their bedroom by educating them about the benefits of a clutter-free, mindfully-arranged bedroom.

Sometimes the best way to motivate your teen into making a change is by doing it yourself first! So if you haven’t done it already, be a role model and implement this step by step process.

1.      Encourage your teen to ask these questions of every object in their room:

·         Do I Love?

·         Do I Need It?

·         Does It Represent Me? 

·         Have I used it In the Last 6 Months?


 If they don’t love it or use it, then it’s time to lose it!


2.      Provide 5 Boxes for the Release!

Box 1: Throw Away

Box 2. Give Away, EBay

Box 3. Keep, But Store

Box 4. Not Sure. Anything your teen is unsure of goes into this box and gets stored away for 6 months.  If after 6 months they can name what’s in the box, or have used any of the objects in the box, then they can keep them, if not, then they have to Lose it!

Box 5: Invite them to keep a Transitional Box somewhere in the room for things that seep in from other sections. Ask them to commit to checking the box once a week and putting things back in their respective homes, before overwhelm and chaos ensue.

3.      Mindfully Arrange Your Room By Creating Clear Functional Zones

Give the zones names like, “Sleep Zone,”  “Work/Study Zone,” ” Art Zone”, etc.  Identify which objects belong in their correct zones. This will help with creating clarity and balance in their mind and in the corresponding areas in their life!  Make sure one zone always remains a “Clutter Free Zone,” as a foundation for future progress.

Make this process fun by encouraging your teen to invite friends for support, turn on music, have a release party, and set up a timeline for achieving their goal. Further help them by creating a budget for containers, cork boards, under bed storage units and anything else that will help them maintain the cosmos in their bedroom.

Clear Your Clutter & Feng Shui Your Life!


Clutter may be anything you hold onto that is unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized. It’s not just your stuff, but it’s the people and the situations you stay in, and the negative thoughts that get stuck in your head. In this workshop we will not only support you in clearing and releasing your physical and mental clutter, but in creating the life you want with Feng Shui!!

Are you ready to create an environment that empowers, stimulates and supports you?

In this workshop, you will learn………

· The 9 Classic Feng Shui Cures and how to apply them to Correct Any Imbalance!

· The Top 10 organizing Challenges and their Solutions!

· The 4 D’s of Releasing Clutter!

· How to Turn a Bedroom Blunder into Heart-Centered Wonder!

· And Much More

Price: $49. $20 deposit to Hold space-Space limited
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living
Street: 500 Marina Center Drive
Phone: 3109262722

TO RESERVE your spot, please phone Inessa at 310.926.2722, or 425.894.1783, or email her


Your Instructors:

Karen Embree, a professional organizer for 7 years, supports individuals in organizing their homes, offices and lives. She developed the Fresh Beginnings Workshop, an interactive program which assists participants to clear their mind clutter and connect with their heart’s desires. Karen has been featured on the radio show ALL THINGS ORGANIZED and interviewed in Orange Coast Magazine. As a member of the professional organizations NAPO and ONOC, she is a noted speaker, organizing coach and workshop facilitator. You can contact Karen on the web at

Inessa Freylekhman was worked as a Feng Shui practitioner for 8 years,a Relationship Coach & Teen Empowerment Trainer. She holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Her work has appeared in LA Yoga Magazine, on KPFK, Star 98.7 (in LA) & KKNW 1150 AM in Seattle and on various Internet Radio Talk Shows.She currently resides in Seattle and her mission is to Feng Shui One Home & One Heart At A Time. You can contact her on the web at or
425.894.1783 (WA) 310.926.2722 (LA)

“Healing One Room, One Heart at a Time” Inessa

“I call her the Mary Poppins of Feng Shui. She immediately spotted the weak areas in my home, and in my life, and
using a combination of coaching skills and Feng Shui art, suggested “remedies” that call me into a deeper
conscious relationship with myself and my world. I now feel much better at my desk-my holy space for writing and creating-as well as generally in my home, I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift!”
Elana Golden, Screenwriter, director, teacher, Founder of The Writing Studio

50% off on Feng Shui Makeovers For Your Teen Through the Month of Nov, 2009! Learn more:


Does this look Familiar?

Here are Some of the Super Fab benefits Your Teen Will Receive from a Feng Shui Bedroom Makeover!

  • Strengthen their self confidence and self-esteem
  • Give them a sense of security, well being and belonging
  • Open their creativity and self-expression
  • Set them up for academic excellence and interpersonal success
  • Improve relationship with self/family and friends
  • Enhance organization in room and increasing mindfulness
  • Create a clearer sense of self and direction
  • Awaken Inner Power and accesses self-expression

The Ideal Teen…

· Is ready to make a positive change in some area of their life, i.e., self esteem, peer pressure, self worth, balance, body image, grades, friends, relationships, parents, clutter, etc.

· Is open to using their bedroom as a tool for empowerment!

· Is open to receiving coaching!

For parents who might be struggling during the current economic times, I am offering 50% off of the regular hourly rate pf  $150/hour! Thus only $75/hour through the month of Nov!

If you would like more info or are ready to schedule a session, please contact me at the numbers or email below!
Inessa Freylekhman, MA
Feng Shui Consultant, Relationship Coach & Teen Empowerement Trainer
310.926.2722 CA
425.894.1783 WA