The All Powerful Entry Way

What surrounds your home can influence your Feng Shui as much as what is inside of your home.

Let me show you how to draw the positive energy of your surroundings to you!


One of the most important enhancements to creating optimal Feng Shui is the entry to your home.

Ideally, your front door area should be well lit, aesthetically pleasing, clearly indicated as the entry, inviting, charming, and give an impression of the home’s tenants. If your front door isn’t visible from the road, then its possible that the chi will pass you by.

Here are some Feng Shui power tools to activate the path leading up to your front door:

1. Illuminate the path of chi to your door with lanterns and lamps.

2. A greeter (statue) welcome good chi!

3.  A water fountain invites abundance, opportunities and creates tranquility.

4. A Chime awakens the chi!

5. A healthy vibrant plant or tree by your front door will strengthen and draw good chi!

6. A friendly saying or door hanging invites both good chi and friendly people.

7. Clear dry shrubs, weeds, or anything unpleasant that may be weakening your chi.

8. Make sure there are no obstructions or anything blocking the door and your good chi.

9. The sound the door makes can condition your chi and experience of your home. Use oil/wd40 to counteract screechy whiny doors.

10.  A bright red, gold, blue, or green floor mat will energize this area.

11. If you enter through the garage, make it a practice to enter through the front door regularly to keep the chi flowing and circulating.

12. If you live in an indoor apartment/condo building and there isn’t much you can do to the outside of your front door due to building regulations, then work to enhance the immediate foyer area by hanging a crystal, a mirror, a fountain and any of the above will work just as well to invite good chi into your life.

Remember having an inviting entry way can summon good chi and enhance your life force energy. Making it attractive draws in the energy you need to accomplish anything you want in life!

Beyond Feng Shui


Anytime you make a Feng Shui adjustment to your home, make sure to couple it with your intention. Intention is the motor behind Feng Shui.

As a matter of fact, I would say that Intention is the motor behind mostly everything. Before there was man, there was the creators’ intent for man.Before there were planes, car and computers there was mans’ intent for ways of making life easier and more efficient.

Many people don’t realize that they are practicing Feng Shui every day. Anytime you bring mindfulness to anything you do, you are practicing the art of placement.

By placing your attention onto your intention,  all things flow to you and life becomes a river of abundance.

When I think about my life and how I use intention, my mind is drawn to those moments where I feel most stuck, overwhelmed, confused and hopeless. It is at those times that I go still, cease what ever I am doing, get in touch with myself trough my breath and ask the creator/universe for light, love and to lift me from the place inside where I feel funky.

Sometimes it happens right away and at other times I go about my day and a few hours pass annd I think, Wow, I’m feeling particularly good, how did this happen? Then I remember that moment where I practiced the art of Feng Shui. That moment were I placed my intention for the universe to lift my negativity and support me.

Next time you are feeling like you want to give up or like everything seems to be going wrong, stop what you are doing, take a breath, look inside and ask for divine assistance. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Accept One Thing and You Can Accept Anything!

When you look at the ocean do you judge it for being too big, too small, the wrong shade of blue, not quite magnificent as you had expected, or perhaps too magnificent? Do you say, “this ocean isn’t good enough for me!”ocean.jpg

Unless you’re a surfer and always looking for that perfect wave, I would venture to say probably not. If you’re like most of us, when you go to the ocean, you probably pause in awe of her majesty, beauty and perfection.

In feng shui we look at the yin and the yang, dark and the light, the hot and the cold, and the hard and the soft. We don’t say that one is better or worse than the other, but instead we focus on the interplay of these two energies and the perfection that emerges from their dance.

We have an innate acceptance and appreciation for nature. Even when there is an obvious imbalance, like a tidal storm or an earthquake. There is still this part within us that accepts it as having to be so. Yes sometimes we scream at g-d and maybe even blame the eco-system, and yet there is a silent understanding an immediate forgiveness of nature, right?

These last couple of days I’ve been comparing myself to my friends who I think are “making it,” or to the girls on the beach who I think have “hotter bodies than mine,” or to all those people already where I want to be. I even found myself comparing myself to the idealized version of me in my mind.

Until today.

I sat on the beach, took in a deep breath and looked at the ocean. I looked at her and was overcome with a sense of compassion.

Why is it hardest to find compassion and acceptance for ourselves?

It isn’t.

It’s as simple as giving yourself permission because if you don’t no one else will. You have the turn key that can make that change. You are the master waiting for yourself to wake up.

Roberto Assiogoli, modern psychologist, student of Freud and Kabbalist, would do this exercise where he would have you imagine the ocean. Feel the love, the appreciation and acceptance you have for it, and then turn your eyes back on yourself and look at yourself from that perspective.

Try it now.

Imagine you are sitting on the sand and you see the sparkling waters. The ocean stretches farther than you can see. Past any limits and any parameters. Endless flowing love. Feel the acceptance.

Once you have created that feeling within you..the feeling of peace, acceptance and gratitude, now get up and go to the mirror. Look at your face as if you are looking at the ocean. Can you see the perfection? The grace with which it was created. Can you see how every line, pimple wrinkle, freckle and dimple were stamped there by the hand of the creator?

If you can have acceptance for just one thing in this life, be it an ocean, the way your husband snores, or the cellulite on your rear end, then you can find acceptance for all things.