Post Traumatic Storm Healing: Vibrational Realignment for your Home, Heart & Mind!

Still feel stirred up?

Difficulty concentrating?



Do you feel withdrawn,  or are you having a hard time landing?

It’s time to reboot, refresh and cleanse the anxiety from your home, heart and mind.

Storms bring stress and anxiety to our mind, body and space connection.

Whenever there is a major stressor, like a hurricane, it creates a traumatic response in our energy system.

A Feng Shui Refresher is both a deep cleansing process that will eliminate negative energetic residue from your physical space, and harmonize your personal chi, so you can fully integrate the experience and reestablish direction.

Gratefully, for the majority of us in Miami, we went unsacthed, but there can be an underlying traumatic response in the physical body, and definitely in the physical space, that can keep the energy imprint of the event in our psyche for a long time.

Let’s reset our chi and focus on what we want to bring in to our lives!

In light of the recent events and in service to the greater healing,  I’m majorly discounting my fees from $200/hour to $140/hr. Also, 10% of all proceeds with go to the Lotus House Shelter in support of those people in need from the damages from Hurricane Irma.

One Hour Session spaces under 700 Sq ft  $140

2 hour Session for spaces under 1400 Sq Ft $280

3 Hour Session for spaces under 2200 Sq Ft $320

Please call or email Inessa for more information. 425.891.6242 or