The Basic (2-3 hours)

This session is great for homes, office that are smaller then 2000 square feet. You will really feel the energy moving in your life once you give yourself the gift of “The Basic.”This treatment imitates, “The Works,” but is intended for spaces that are 2000 square feet or smaller.


  • Space clearing to remove stagnant, negative energy.
  • Feng Shui cures and enhancements will be applied to correct faulty energy lines to promote positive chi.
  • Enhancements to create beauty, balance and bliss in your environment.
  • Recommendations for proper furniture placement to promote safety and security.
  • De-cluttering tips
  • A Feng Shui recipe for attracting wealth and Romance!

Price: $400-$600

Book 2 Hour
Book 3 Hour

The Works (4-6 Hours)

The Works is the ideal consultation for individuals who have a home or business that is 2000 square feet or larger, and up to 6000 square feet. This in-depth analysis explores the relationship between you and your environment, seeks to harmonize the flow of chi, clear negativity and  enhance your experience in all areas of your life!


  • Exploration of your goals and desires.What’s working and what’s not working for you?
  • An investigation of your space: How are the objects, imagery, colors, clutter, lighting, sharp corners, beams affecting your health, mood, prospects and vitality?
  • Analysis of the interior (chi) energy patterns and suggestions for proper furniture placement to maximizing comfort and flow.
  • Customized suggestions and Cures to counteract Feng Shui challenges and to strengthen desired areas in your life, i.e., prosperity, creativity and romance, etc.
  • Ba-Gua energy pattern placement (these pretty patterns really get the chi flowing!) and full potential activation walk to anchor your intentions into the matrix of your home.
  • In depth energteic clearing to remove negativity, imprints and stagnant energy.

Larger spaces and more in-depth sessions will require more time.

Book 4 Hour

Book 5 Hour

Book 6 Hour

Feng Shui for Your Business/Organization or Office

When you arrange your office or cubicle according to the principles of Feng Shui you can get the most possible work done with the least amount of stress and frustration!


  • Feng Shui solutions to optimize energy flow and foster communication between personnel and management.
  • Suggestions for proper placement of desk, color, art, plants, correction to “weakened” cubicle flow to improve harmony and encourage flow of new ideas and productivity,
  • Cures and tips to energize power spots in office for increased prosperity
  • Intention setting for goals with all staff members
  • Mini Space Clearing to remove stuck energy and New Business Blessing
  • Workshops and seminars avail for your staff. Please call for avail topics and price quote.

Price: $199/hr

Feng Shui for Real Estate Brokers

If you’re a real estate agent, architect or interior designer and need a review of plans or a walkthrough without the full analysis this is the right service for you.

  • Full walk through and mini-on-site analysis (some corrections may be made on-site)
  • Space Clearing (optional-this helps release stagnant and stuck energy from previous home owner)

Written report with tips and cures Workshops and seminars avail for your staff. Please call for avail topics and price quote.

Space Cleansing to Sell a Property

Feng Shui for Teens

This 2 hour session focuses on supporting the teen in creating the most empowered room to thrive in and exploring strategies for success ! Follow up life coaching sessions may be recommended and will be available for ongoing support!

  • Life Skills Assessment
  • Proper Desk and Bed arrangement for increased focus, organizations and sense of security.
  • Instruction in the use of the ba-gua map for setting intentions and creating order and flow in the space.
  • Personalized tips for placement of objects to optimize self expression, confidence, strengthen self-identity, self respect and foster positive relationship with peers as well as family members!
  • Space Clearing to remove stagnant energy and Clutter Control Tips.

Ala Carte

Home and Business Space Clearing

Space cleansing/clearing clears away the energy from the former tenant, as well as low level, stagnant chi from clutter, negative thoughts and feelings that are imprinted onto the environment.

Space cleansing lifts the emotional debris from your environment opening you up to experiencing greater flow and abundance.

Inessa employ a powerful technique using sage, Balinese bells and a the BTB Orange Peel blessing. You and you space will feel lighter, more inspired and expanded.

One Hour Space Clearing Session

Two Hour Space Clearing Session

Remote Feng Shui via Email/Phone

if you live in a different state or country this service is perfect for you! Ba-gua-Map Overlay, personalized Feng Shui report, Ba-Gua energy patterns & email/phone support

Clutter Clearing Support!

Clutter drains your energy and dampens your best intentions! Receive support releasing you clutter and, creating a system and maximizing the use of your space!

Full Potentional ACTIVATION WALK (1.5 Hours)

Connect with your higher self as you anchor your intentions in all 9 power spots of your home or office. This process charges the qualities of love, peace and abundance into the vibrational pattern of your home using ba-gua energy patterns!

Tips and Cures

Room by room empowerment tips for optimized flow and to remove blocks. Includes suggestion for ideal bed, desk, furniture arrangement, color, plants and other items and simbology to anchor your intentions and encourage energy flow.

Ongoing Support

As we grow our space must continue to support and assist us in reaching our full potential. Once you and your home have experiences the power of Feng Shui there is a huge opportunity for maintaining the new flow of energy through focused coaching sessions. These coaching sessions support you in releasing emotional and physical clutter, clarifying and setting intentions and increasing harmony and flow in all areas of your life.

Feng Shui from the Heart values you, your time and your investment. We are committed to providing you with exceptional value and service! If within 30 days and after implementing all the suggested changes, you aren’t completely satisfied with our work together,  you will receive a complete refund.