My perspective of Feng Shui has completely shifted from anything I ever thought I knew due to the Mastery and vast knowledge base of Feng Shui Master Inessa Freylekhman. I look forward to sharing in our next class. The practice carries an ancient wisdom and her energy carries a depth not often seen. Beyond the content there is a lightness and joy to the class and to working with Inessa. Truly humbled by this keeper of sacred knowledge and ancient lineages. Feng Shui will never be the same to me again thanks to this amazing teacher. Simply put she knows her stuff and knows how to deliver it!

Elisjah AnderzenMt. Shasta, CA

I took the Feng Shui from the Heart Certification course a few years ago and it completely changed the way I choose things for my house, I look into spaces and even relate to people!! Inessa is a fantastic teacher, very spiritual, sensitive and deep, she is very genuine and knowledgeable on the subject and has an amazing and empowering energy. Classes are very interesting and entertaining, it gives you a great understanding of feng shui and other sacred arts!!!! I never wanted the course to end….. Luciana Pavan

Luciana PavanMiami Beach

Inessa has a unique skill for combining Feng Shui techniques with the power of Spiritual Psychology to assist her clients in reaching their highest potential and manifesting their dreams. In my case, session after session I rearranged my bedroom to release an old love, and pull in my heart’s desire for a true soul mate. Every time we worked together my energy cleared, my intention became focused, my bedroom supported my vision and soon the love of my life was free to enter.

Raquel ReynaCurves Area Director So CA & So NV

Wonderful experience with initial consultation. I did space clearing and received a lot of suggestions of quick fixes and cures. During our two hour engagement I have learned a lot about my space, not to mention a borrowed item that “did not belong” (its true, while I didn’t mentioned anything, Inessa felt it was not a good idea to hold on to it…  the item belonged to somebody who passed away tragically) and will definitely invite her for a follow up session.

Alfiya Boynton Beach

Energetic and dynamic, Inessa’s Feng Shui practice is uplifting and inspiring. Talented and resourceful, she has the keen ability to hone in the goals and intentions of her clients, helping them transform their home or business into a sanctuary that supports the manifestation of their dreams. A well rounded practitioner, she also draws on her expertise in coaching and psychology and adds a dimension that unique to each one she consults, thus making the experience both exciting and illuminating. Inessa understands that Feng Shui is also an internal process specific to each person and her mastery lies in refining and fine tuning those elements that resonate which an individual and utilizing them as anchors for prosperity and well being. My personal experience has been most rewarding. I saw the effects immediately after my consultation and I continue to marvel at all the changes that are still occurring as a result of it.

Irene SanchezMiami, FL

I run a commodity trading company in Miami. Although I was initially skeptical about the benefits of Feng-Shui for an office, our business has been running much more smoothly since Inessa’s consultation & looks to grow 20% this year. In addition, an employee who was undermining others is now “under control”. I highly recommend her services.

NeilMiami, FL

Inessa is just an amazing talent. I really enjoyed working with her to Feng Shui my home. It is so clear that she comes from a place a love and she is so intuitive about how to bring a home into balance. I worked with Inessa using Skype. Prior to our conversation I provided her with some basic information that she requested and then during our conversation, while using my IPAD, we walked around my home and discussed where I could “cure” different areas. The positive intentions that she gave me are so strong that I swear I hear them every day and they inspire me. In addition, I really feel that the cures and intentions are starting to be realized in my life. Thank you Inessa!

Nicole T,Los Angeles, CA

Inessa’s intuitive sense of Fung Shui is astonishing. She was able to clear the energy of my rooms and get some motion flowing in no time flat. Literally days later I had a happy financial surprise. And my space just feels better. More open. More natural. More alive. Inessa’s skills and talents are at once mysterious and practical. Highly recommended!

Jeff LeisowitzWriter, Musician, Producer

I call her the Mary Poppins of Feng Shui. She immediately spotted the weak areas in my home, and in my life, and using a combination of coaching skills and Feng Shui art, suggested “remedies” that call me into a deeper conscious relationship with myself and my world. I now feel much better at my desk-my holy space for writing and creating-as well as generally in my home, I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift!

Elana GoldenScreenwriter, director, teacher, Founder of The Writing Studio

Inessa came to my house in October 2013 so I could clear my house of “old baggage” and also create a space that would be peaceful for me. During the clearing, I set my intention to have a successful relationship in the next year. 8 months later I am married and expecting a baby and feel better than ever when I am at home. I still refer to the notes she left me when buying anything new for the house or when clutter clearing.

Kim W

Thanks to Inessa, there is now a palbably peaceful and well-intentioned energy grid in my home. She has a very encouraging and coolly refined touch, and it was really fun getting feng shui’d. I love this new spatial connectivity in my home, and it has helped me in leaps and bounds with all the freed up positive energy I have for my life. It’s like a new guiding philosophy and I love it.

Kevin WileFilmmaker

Within a week of Inessa coming to Feng Shui my home, I was approached by the Publicist of THE SECRET and offered a job!! Now if that isn’t the law of attraction in action, I don’t know what is! Thank you Inessa for being a beautiful soul that has the power to extract truth not only from peoples’ home environments but from the depths of their souls as well”.

Tamara Lelie

Inessa has changed my life. She did it in the first 15 minutes that she arrived at my home. She’s very observant, can see problems immediately and knows how to fix them so that you can have prosperity, good health and great relationships if you want them.She is now on my speed-call directory as her cures really work for me. I’m forever grateful to her for my new, wonderful life.

P. Saliba

With Inessa’s Feng Shui help, I have turned my professional life around. I was feeling stuck in a rut at my job and I didn’t know how to progress to the next level. Within mere months of her consultation, communication with my co-workers increased, my ideas started to be implemented and my level of excitement for my job changed dramatically, plus I was promoted and my salary increased by nearly 40%. She helped me focus my intentions and things that seemed like ‘pie in the sky’ dreams became a reality!

DamonaNBC Executive

As our main focus is on holding anti-stress workshops and retreats for business leaders, it is very important that we provide the best atmosphere possible at our Center.

Inessa is a fantastic inspiring person and teacher.She herself is glowing of the same positive energy, for which she stands.

After Inessa left , we experienced a clear improvement in the atmosphere of the house, an improvement that has been noticed by many of our regular guests as well.

But, not only did the atmosphere improve, we also experienced various, very positive things happening during the first few months after, she was here.

We can highly recommend Inessa Freylekhman as a consultant for Feng Shui practice in both private homes, and professional offices.

Jet Izabella ThurmannQuantum Care Center ApS

My space immediately felt cleaner and happier after just one session with Inessa. She brings magic and sparkle to your home

Janine BurkeSpeaker & Public Speaking Coach

Inessa gave me simple and yet very powerful recommendations on how I could improve the energy flow of my office.There was an intuitive knowing, a heart feltsense of how things interacted and affected the whole office. I have noticed that the feel of my office is so much better, and my business has increased fairly dramatically.

Dr. Bryant KohChiropractor

I saw her (Inessa) meeting with individual staff members-organizing their work areas to create a more balanced, peaceful, and productive space. I am sure anyone who chooses to contract her services, whether that be to Feng Shui their home or office, will benefit from her talents.

Candace SemigranPresident/CEOInsight Seminars

Inessa is a joy to work with. Her energy and knowledge helped me to transform my home to a calming renewed space. I feel renewed myself and have been experiencing lots of movement and renewal in my business and my private life! I highly encourage you to take advantage to Inessa’s wonderful services!

John SeeleyM.A. Life Coach, Speaker/Author of Get Unstuck!

Inessa is charming and spiritual, creative and playful. She has cleared my apartment so the chi is now fully flowing through every corner, especially in the areas we worked on relationships and money. I am doing better than ever in my life!

Lucia RijkerWorld Champion Female Boxer

Inessa was amazing at showing me what the problems were that could be affecting my mood, health, and deteriorating ambition. Since her visit, I have had a powerful change in my life. Inessa is loving, committed, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.Nadine Velasquez,

Nadine VelasquezMy Name is Earl, NBC