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Please visit our blog page for upcoming events and workshops!

If you are interested in having Inessa speak at your event, please call or email us for more information.

We can cater a curriculum to meet you and your organization's needs. Inessa has given lectures, workshops, and facilitated trainings on the following topics:

  • Feng Shui Immersion Program- a 12 week training to become a Feng Shui from the Heart certified consultant.
  • The Elemental System: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire & Metal: How to Balance the Elements in Your Home to Create a Human Comfort Zone.
  • Feng Shui for your Mind - Rewriting the Inner Script: Using cognitive, somatic, behavioral and meditative practices for conquering limiting beliefs, and living in more peace and alignment in the present.
  • Creating a Sanctuary for Love in the Bedroom: Learn to Read your Bedroom Romance Profile and Release What No Longer Works for You!
  • A Happy, Healthy Kitchen and You: Keeping your kitchen CLEAN, JOYFUL, WHOLE & FUNCTIONING will ensure a happy, healthy, harmonious home and self.
  • The Sacred Marriage between Yin and Yang: Achieving Balance of Mind, Body, Soul & Space.
  • Office Feng Shui: Create an ideal office for focus, efficiency, increased success and creativity.
  • Room by Room Feng Shui: Learn what each room represents and how to best design and feng shui for love, prosperity, health, and inner peace.
  • Healing of memories: Releasing life force energy from old homes and opening the heart for forgiveness and healing.
  • Releasing Clutter and Opening the Space for Flow! Clutter can drain your energy and send you into overwhelm. You will learn to identify the different types of clutter, and a simple 6 step approach to de-cluttering your home and mind.
  • Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Harmony. In this course you will learn the scientific benefits of meditation, as well as create your own personal meditation and mantra that will support you in deepening your relationship with yourself and your environment.
  • Professional Development Courses for Real Estate Agents: Feng Shui for Buying and Selling Seminar

Feng Shui readings are also available for small private parties. Please call or email us for more info. If you would like to receive information regarding upcoming seminars and classes, please sign up for our newsletter (can be found in the bar to the left).

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