Help Your Teen Get in Command of Their Life With Feng Shui!



In Feng Shui, the position of the bed and desk can support your teen in feeling in command of their life, getting better sleep, increased focused, as well as confidence and more security in relationships!

Taking the Commanding Bed Position promotes security in relationship with self and others, as well an improves sleep. Follow these steps below for the ideal arrangement!


1.    A full view of the room with the door in sight is optimal from where they are sleeping for feeling empowered.

2.    Not being able to see the door triggers the old reptilian brain’s flight or fight response system and it basically leaves us feeling exposed, on guard and unsafe.

3.    Make sure that the bed is against a solid wall for security and support.

4.    Stay clear of placing bed under a window.

Taking the Commanding Desk Position encourages focus and concentration and will support your teen in feeling on top of their homework! 

1.    Make sure they are sitting in a chair with a straight back (no gaps)

2.    Their back must be up against a solid wall (no window)

3.    Clear view of the door from where they are sitting.

4.    Don’t face a wall; this can create a sense blockage and stagnation.

Virtual Command Position:  When your teen’s view of the door is obstructed they may be missing important opportunities since they can’t see what’s flowing in and out of their life. If you absolutely can’t change the position of your teen’s desk or bed, then help them get into the virtual command position. The virtual what? Virtual command means that you position a mirror in such a way so that you can see the door from wherever you’re sleeping or working.

There is a web site that sells rearview type mirrors for computers, which would put them in the virtual command position. Check However, any mirror will serve the same purpose-as long as you can see what’s behind you.


If you can’t figure this out, feel free to email me pictures of their room and I will give you feedback!

From Chaos to Cosmos: How You Can Help Your Teen Bring Order to their Bedroom one Shoe at a Time!

Feng Shui is all about creating uplifting environments where we can thrive! Sometimes that means letting go of those things that no longer serve us. The objects in your teen’s room are either empowering or not empowering them and can effect everything from self-worth to productivity.

Clutter can stagnate energy and feels like an overall drain! Support your teen in moving into a deeper conscious relationship with their bedroom by educating them about the benefits of a clutter-free, mindfully-arranged bedroom.

Sometimes the best way to motivate your teen into making a change is by doing it yourself first! So if you haven’t done it already, be a role model and implement this step by step process.

Also, remember, when clearing clutter,turn on some music, put on your red shoes and have some fun! The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you or your teen is saying, “Yuck I hate my room” while you are cleaning your home it takes away from your good Mojo and defeats the purpose!


1.      Encourage your teen to ask these questions of every object in their room:

·         Do I Love?

·         Do I Need It?

·         Does It Represent Me? 

·         Have I used it In the Last 6 Months?


 If they don’t love it or use it, then it’s time to lose it!


2.      Provide 5 Boxes for the Release!

Box 1: Throw Away

Box 2. Give Away, EBay

Box 3. Keep, But Store

Box 4. Not Sure. Anything your teen is unsure of goes into this box and gets stored away for 6 months.  If after 6 month they can name what’s in the box, or have used any of the objects in the box, then they can keep them, if not, then they have to Lose it!

Box 5: Invite them to keep a Transitional Box somewhere in the room for things that seep in from other sections. Ask them to commit to checking the box once a week and putting things back in their respective homes, before overwhelm and chaos ensue.

3.      Mindfully Arrange Your Room By Creating Clear Functional Zones

Name them like, “Sleep Zone,”  “Work/Study Zone,” ” Art Zone”, etc.  Identify which objects belong in their correct zones. This will help with creating clarity and balance in their mind between the various areas in their life as well as in their space.  Make sure one zone always remains a “Clutter Free Zone,” as a foundation for future progress.

Make this process fun by encouraging your teen to invite friends for support, turn on music, have a release party,  and set up a timeline for achieving their goal. Further help them by creating a budget for containers, cork boards, under bed storage units and anything else that will help them maintain the cosmos in their bedroom.

The All Powerful Entry Way

What surrounds your home can influence your Feng Shui as much as what is inside of your home.

Let me show you how to draw the positive energy of your surroundings to you!


One of the most important enhancements to creating optimal Feng Shui is the entry to your home.

Ideally, your front door area should be well lit, aesthetically pleasing, clearly indicated as the entry, inviting, charming, and give an impression of the home’s tenants. If your front door isn’t visible from the road, then its possible that the chi will pass you by.

Here are some Feng Shui power tools to activate the path leading up to your front door:

1. Illuminate the path of chi to your door with lanterns and lamps.

2. A greeter (statue) welcome good chi!

3.  A water fountain invites abundance, opportunities and creates tranquility.

4. A Chime awakens the chi!

5. A healthy vibrant plant or tree by your front door will strengthen and draw good chi!

6. A friendly saying or door hanging invites both good chi and friendly people.

7. Clear dry shrubs, weeds, or anything unpleasant that may be weakening your chi.

8. Make sure there are no obstructions or anything blocking the door and your good chi.

9. The sound the door makes can condition your chi and experience of your home. Use oil/wd40 to counteract screechy whiny doors.

10.  A bright red, gold, blue, or green floor mat will energize this area.

11. If you enter through the garage, make it a practice to enter through the front door regularly to keep the chi flowing and circulating.

12. If you live in an indoor apartment/condo building and there isn’t much you can do to the outside of your front door due to building regulations, then work to enhance the immediate foyer area by hanging a crystal, a mirror, a fountain and any of the above will work just as well to invite good chi into your life.

Remember having an inviting entry way can summon good chi and enhance your life force energy. Making it attractive draws in the energy you need to accomplish anything you want in life!