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Welcome to my virtual home, aka my web site!

So happy you are here. It’s my heartfelt intention to share with you the power of Feng Shui.

Your environment is a reflection of you!

Everything that happens inside of you manifests in the physical space-whether you can see it or not!

  • What message is your home/office/bedroom sending out about you?
  • What is showing up in your life as a result?
  • Is it what you really want?
  • Do you feel inspired and supported, by your living and office space?

If you don’t feel like your space is feeding, nurturing, enhancing and elevating your soul, then there could be a Feng Shui block in your environment.

The great thing is that this is easy to fix with Feng Shui and space clearing!

Ideally, your environment should replenish your soul and assist you in manifesting what you wish for most deeply.

The way the energy flows through your space is a mirror for the way it flows through your entire life. If you are feeling stuck and like you can’t move forward, most likely there is something out of balance in the space.

Feng Shui can unblock areas in your home and office that may be holding you back and unleash your potential in all areas of your life!

When we begin the process of healing our homes we simultaneously heal our wounds and open our hearts to allow, receive and share of our true gifts and passions with the world.

Fun Shway: A Feng Shui Guide for Young Adults Now On Sale 

“FUN SHWAY” invites you to a deeper exploration of your surroundings, inspiring a closer look at every nook and cranny. Through this process, you’ll not only learn about your room but also about yourself. Connect to your authenticity and align with the natural forces surrounding you, ushering in a harmonious dance with the universe.

This journey of self-discovery and empowerment unfolds through a rich tapestry of insights:

– Affirmation practices to dissolve limiting beliefs
– Unveiling clutter personality types, identifying your unique one
– A friendly guide to bid farewell to clutter
– Embodiment exercises leading you to find your center
– Discover the transformative power of detoxing your room with orange peels
– Explore the nine zones of life, the Ba-Gua map of Feng Shui, within your room, using colors, shapes, plants, mirrors, crystals, and objects to enhance energy
– Uncover your room’s voice, deciphering the messages it holds
– Attain elemental balance within your space

While crafted with young adults in mind, “FUN SHWAY” extends its wisdom to all, proving that the enchantment within its pages can benefit anyone seeking a path toward self-discovery and transformation.

“FUN SHWAY” is your compass, guiding you toward a life where the wisdom of Fun Shway becomes a source of enchantment, aligning you with your true self and the destiny that awaits. It’s not just a book; it’s an invitation to step into a reality where every room is a canvas for growth and joy.

See what people are saying about Fun Shway below

Fengshui is a totally new concept for me, and Fun-Shway broke it down in a conscious and easily digestible way. I love any kind of book that I can annotate or journal in so I loved the reflection sections. I just moved and was so excited to use the book as a guide for placing my bed, organizing my space and creating flow and intention in every corner and space. It was helpful and I can definitely feel the difference of energy compared to my other space where I didn’t even consider fengshui. Because I was moving I wanted to be able to get the concept easily and clearly, and this book was definitely it!

Taylor Wilson

Inessa Freya’s ‘Fun Shway’ is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a path to a more joyful and clutter-free life. Her personal and relatable approach to Feng Shui makes this book stand out.

The transformative tips on decluttering and creating spaces that align with personal goals have had a profound impact on my well-being. In just a short time, I’ve experienced improvements in focus, sleep quality, and mood. Inessa’s passion for helping others find joy, happiness, and health through Fun Shway is evident in every page.

If you’re looking to embark on a transformative journey toward a more fulfilling and clutter free life, ‘Fun Shway’ is the guide you need. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace a life of joy and positivity!

Lara Shimek

I thought it would be an over-simplification of Chinese wisdom, but the author really breaks down the intricacies of feng shui patterns into practical knowledge. She presents it in the context of a very personalized journey she’s taken to acquire knowledge that can appeal to all ages in a much different, modern world that the ancients would hardly imagine.

For a first book on the subject, the author nails it and this should be a must-read for young adults to offset confusion about their place in life. It’s a great gateway read that encourages them to move on to personal growth and development reads by brilliant authors like Eckhart Tolle and Jordan Peterson.

Regina Tucker

Let’s get started

How can we help you?

The Basics (2-3 hours)

  • Space clearing to remove stagnant, negative energy.
  • Feng Shui cures and enhancements will be applied to correct faulty energy lines to promote positive chi.
  • Enhancements to create beauty, balance and bliss in your environment.
  • Recommendations for proper furniture placement to promote safety and security.
  • De-cluttering tips
  • A Feng Shui recipe for attracting wealth and Romance!

The Works (4-6 Hours)

  • Exploration of your goals and desires.What’s working and what’s not working for you?
  • An investigation of your space: How are the objects, imagery, colors, clutter, lighting, sharp corners, beams affecting your health, mood, prospects and vitality?
  • Analysis of the interior (chi) energy patterns and suggestions for proper furniture placement to maximizing comfort and flow.
  • Customized suggestions and Cures to counteract Feng Shui challenges and to strengthen desired areas in your life, i.e., prosperity, creativity and romance, etc.
  • Ba-Gua energy pattern placement (these pretty patterns really get the chi flowing!) and full potential activation walk to anchor your intentions into the matrix of your home.
  • In depth energteic clearing to remove negativity, imprints and stagnant energy.

Remote Feng Shui

Sometimes a home can contain a stressful and sick frequency because of predecessor energy (the people who lived there before), or due to the fact that it sits on a geopathic stress point, or contains harsh elements in the structure, lighting, architecture, shapes and colors.

An environment is either life affirming and supports good health, success,  love and peace,  or it can be draining and challenging place to live, which impedes your ability to manifest at your fullest potential.

A Virtual Feng Shui session is equally as powerful as having Inessa in your living room, but at a reduced cost to you.

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