Tip of the Day: Are You Taking the Commading Position in Your Life?

by | Feb 16, 2009 | Uncategorized

Commanding Position

I can’t tell you how many home offices and business offices I’ve walked into where the individuals  desk was either facing a wall or a window and their back was completely exposed and the door was out of sight.

In Feng shui ,doors are the mouths to opportunity from where the chi or energy enters.

When your back is to a door, it could be literally creating a blind spot and you may be missing some very important information or opportunities. Having a back to the door is metaphor that you are not in control of things. If you want to be the cause of your life and not just the effect, it’s important to set yourself up for success while you’re in the office. Not being able to see the door over a long period of time triggers the flight or fight response system in our body and it basically has a negative impact on our nervous system and contributes to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed!

Who do you want to be the driver of your business and finances?

When you can’t see  the door it may be an indicator, that things are falling through the cracks and you are not in command of your business and finances. First thing is to make sure that from your desk you have the widest perspective of the entire room including the door.  Except you don’t want to sit directly in front of the door. That’s considered the line of fire and can make it difficult to get things done and focus.

Make sure that there is a solid wall behind you, which represents security and support. Another very important piece of placing yourself in command of your business and finances is having a strong chair that really supports you.

When you have a rickety chair that’s almost falling apart or that has holes in the upholstery, or your just borrowing one from the kitchen denotes energy loss.

All through history kings, emperor and those who have held high rank knew the symbological significance of a throne.If you want to feel empowered, invest in buying yourself a chair that screams I’m the king of my castle!Sit in it and say our intentions out loud for your business, “I Am in Command Of my Finances. I am Deciding to Be Wealthy and Abundant Today!”

Some offices, like cubicles, it’s really challenging to gain the commanding position becasue they are already designed with the back being exposed to the entrance. In such cases it’s important to take the virtual command position and place a mirror somewhere on your desk or even on your monitor so you can see what’s behind you. It’s like having a rearview mirror on your desk and helps you feel at ease knowing that you are in command of your life!