Inessa Freylekhman is a Feng Shui Maestra, speaker, Spiritual Counselor and author.

She was the Feng Shui Practitioner on the highly acclaimed Medical team at Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach where she taught three weekly lectures.

Today she lives between Miami Beach and the redwood forest in a little town called Trinidad, CA. She serves people all over the world via Zoom and loves to spread the Shway globally.

Her unique blend of Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology has helped thousands attain more love, fulfillment, abundance  joy and harmony. She was born in L’vov, Ukraine and comes from a line of healers.

Inessa received her training in BTB Feng Shui from Master Elnathan “Nate” Batoon and has also studied with Professor Lin Yun-a world renowned Feng Shui Master and founder of BTB Feng Shui. She’s traveled to Bali, Indonesia where she studied clutter/space clearing with Master Space Clearer Karen Kingston.

After many years of practicing Feng Shui, Inessa became aware of the inherent connection between a person’s home and their mind. The appearance, design and lay-out of the home was often a reflection of deeper issues. In order to support her clients in receiving the greatest level of healing and transformation, she went on to study psychology and earned two Master degrees in Psychology.  These gave her the tools to work with people on all levels: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Feng Shui combined with psychology helps to bridge the gaps between inner and outer lives since what happens inside can often be mirrored in our home/work environment.

When she’s not Feng Shuing the world, Inessa writes and performs funny stories about her Russian family and Feng Shui adventures!

First Feng Shui class 2002 T & H Foundation Los Angeles, CA