Space Clearing


Smudging homes and businesses mark the beginning and ending of passages, such as marriage, fertility, a new venture!

Quantum physics has shown us that everything is energy. Things we have always considered solid are merely particles of energy in a certain format. Our cars, furniture, homes are all made up of energy in various patterns. Feelings and thoughts are also made up of energy and after their expression they continue to exist and imprint on the spaces you spend the most time in.

Have you ever walked into a person’s home and felt something was off about the place. No matter how beautiful the décor was, there was something that just felt unsettling? This unsettling thing you’re feeling is most likely an energy signature, or in more simple terms, a vibe.

Your home, office and environment is alive. It has a vibration and an emotional, mental, physical signature. When the energetic tone of your space no longer matches the one you’re trying to achieve, might start feeling blocked,  stuck, stagnant, and full of fear, stress and anxiety.

That’s when it’s time to space cleanse.

Many indegenous cultures throughout history have ritualized energy clearing techniques to mark beginnings and endings, as well as transitions in life.  Space cleansing can also be used when it’s time to start a nee project, when you’ve moved into a new home, when you’ve experienced a break up, divorce, or any type of loss or ending.

Space Cleansing is used  to enhance spiritual development, increasing vitality, improving luck and can remove negative predecessor energy as well as the presence of malignant entities or spirits attached to the space.

Space Cleansing gives you a fresh start!

Space Cleansing takes the mundane and makes it sacred. It helps us get back in touch with those higher spiritual realms from which we all originate.

Preparing the Sacred Alter for a Blessing/Cleansing

Everyone imprints their feelings and thoughts onto their environment. Imprinting is like fingerprinting, only in the realm of the invisible-also known as the etheric level. Even though we can’t see it, the impact can be felt deeply.

The more time you spend in a particular room, the more your energy gets deposited into that space. If you spend all of your time fighting in the kitchen, there could be a pattern of angst in that room, which only stimulates more fighting. On the other hand, if you
have a special meditation room where you experience peace and tranquility, then that room is more likely to drop you into a deeper relationship with yourself.

Sometimes we aren’t the only ones that determine a home’s or offices vibration. It’s often the case that we move into a space that already has energy imprints from a previous tenant. In feng shui we call this predecessor energy.

For example, you may move into a house where the person had problems with emotional overeating (but you might not know that) and all of a sudden you realize that you’re getting up in the middle of the night to nosh all of the time, and it’s not just
because it’s the time of the month. This would be a good indicator that the house needs a thorough space clearing.

Or perhaps you are hired as the CFO of a company where the last 3 people in the same position weren’t able to achieve their goals and experienced burnout. It’s possible you may find yourself following in the footsteps. This is predecessor energy.

Even if you move into a house with great predecessor energy you will still want to cleanse it , because the goal is to start from a blank slate and imprint your personal energy, which will pave the way for blessings and abundance that are unique to you.

Other times ,when a person’s space is not in alignment with their vibration is when they may have inherited relics from family members. Unfortunately, and I’ve seen this over and over, you may repeat the pattern of the person whose possession you are carrying

At the lobby of the Carillon

Space cleansing removes the mental and physical cobwebs and puts you back in touch with your true self, helps clear your mind and have a better sense of what you really desire.

I recommended one major Space Cleansing Blessing which is performed at the beginning of the year or at the start of a new venture, or experience, like a new relationship, a new job, or a move to a new home. Then you can perform seasonal clearings to maintain the good energy in your space!

The process I use was inspired my feng shui master Elnathan Batoon. It comes from the Black Hat Tibetan Tantric Buddhist (BTB) tradition of Feng Shui and combines the “Orange Peel Blessing” to purify the space and special mantras to bring in desired frequencies.

I also incorporate a process I studied in Bali, which employs the use of powerful Balinese Bells to break up stagnant energy lodged in the walls,  upholstery, objects and furniture in a space. I call this the rotter rooter of space clearing as it has the potential to transform old energy and bring in spaciousness, joy and into deeper  levels of peace  into one’s life.