Inessa has a deep calling to speak and share the gift of Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology with the world.

Inessa Freylekhman is a sought-after professional speaker and group facilitator.  Her dynamic, lively, and engaging presentations have inspired thousands in the art of BTB  Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology.

The workshops are fun, interactive and educational,  and can be tailored by topic (please see list below) for your group size and budget.

If you’re interested in having Inessa speak at your place of business, please request more information here.

Get ready for new possibilities to be awakened within you!

Here is a list of venues where Inessa has presented:

  • Mandarin Oriental (Miami)
  • Canyon Ranch (Miami Beach)
  • Carillon Wellness Spa (Miami Beach)
  • NBC Telemundo (Miami)
  • Universal Records (Los Angeles)
  • The 1 Hotel (Miami Beach)
  • Club Med (Miami)
  • Soho House (Miami Beach)
  • Faena (Miami Beach)
  • Turnberry Ocean Club
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • The Sacred Space
  • Innergy Meditation
  • Miami Beach JCC
  • National Geographic Magazine (Los Angeles)




Change Your Room, Change Your Life: Feng Shui… the Basics

Learn to harmonize the energy in your home by drawing on the ancient principles of feng shui. You will leave with tools you can immediately apply to improve the energy flow in your home and attract more of what you want in your life.

DETOX YOUR HOME, HEART & MIND and Let Your Chi Flow!

Learn Feng Shui principles to Release Mental and Emotional Clutter and open to greater abundance joy, intimacy and love. Learn tips to release stuff, people and situations that no longer serve you.

Declutter, Destress, and get your Feng Shui On!

Have you ever notice how when your home or workspace feels crazy, you feel crazy? Let’s fix that.. Inessa Freylekhman LMFT is a Feng Shui Expert who will teach us how to make simple changes; clear clutter, create balance and surround yourself with things and thoughts that lift your energy.

If You Don’t Love it or Use it, then Lose It!

Clutter can drain your energy and send you into overwhelm. You will learn to identify the different types of clutter, and a simple 6 step approach to de-clutter your surroundings.

Get Your Office Feng Shui On!  

Create an ideal office for focus, efficiency, increased success and creativity. Feng Shui will revitalize stagnant energies and usher positive flow for your work and prosperity.  

Manifesting a Soulful Partnership and release the Barriers to Love…starting in the bedroom using Feng Shui

Are you ready to eliminate unconscious blocks to love?

Feng Shui is the ancient art of aligning your home with your heart’s desire! Your bedroom is the hub of love in your home. It’s either acting as a sanctuary for love or keeping your single status in place!

Create a Sanctuary for Love in the Bedroom (alternate title to above)

Inessa will show you how to design a space that supports your love life, nourishes your soul, and transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary for serenity and sensuality.

Feng Shui Vision Board Party

Are you ready to Fire Up your goals with a Feng Shui Vision Board!

A vision board is a powerful way to visually represent the aspirations and goals you have for your life with images.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Shway:Step into the Feng Shui Matrix and Elevate Your Life!

Learn the deep mysteries of feng shui from Master Feng Shui Facilitator Inessa Freylekhman and create a blueprint in your home for a new reality with increased flow in all areas of your life. You will learn the 3 Secrets to transforming the mundane into the sacred with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for Buying and Selling Real Estate

Learn practical  Feng Shui tips for buying, selling and staging a home.

Space Clearing 101

Your thoughts, feelings and unconscious beliefs get imprinted on the spaces where you spend the most time. Learn an ancient space clearing technique to  remove stagnation and negativity in your environment, so your chi can flow again!

What is your Space Say about You?

What message does your home broadcast about you? What do you want it to reflect? Does it give you energy or do you feel drained. Your Home is a 3D Vision Board. Learn to use it as a living affirmation for the life you want to live!

Feng Shui Tools for Teens

Get rid of clutter, inspire creativity and invite more Chi, the energy that supports your well-being and self esteem!


The Mind, Body, Soul Reconnection (meditation and talk)

The mind is a like a computer. When there’s a virus in the computer it can’t function properly. The mind stores impressions from all of the events that have occurred in your life both good and bad. Some memories hold a more powerful charge and imprint deeply into the cells of your body interfering with your ability to live fully in the present.  If you find yourself repeating old behaviors, recycling the same negative emotions and experiencing the same unwanted results, come and learn how to release your issues from your tissues and restore peace, vitality and wholeness.

LETTING GO OF OLD LOVE, CALLING IN A NEW LOVE… SELF LOVE (meditation and presentation)


Your Inner Shway: Release Your Issues 

This guided meditation will take you on a journey into your inner home so you can release your blocks issues from your tissues and experience greater balance and bliss, harmony and flow.

Is Your Signal Keeping Your Single?

Your thoughts, beliefs and words send a message about you to prospective partners. They are either holding your single status in place and keeping you stuck in dating hell or inviting in the relationship you deserve! Learn how to tweak your signal to attract in the love you desire.

The Future of Love: Happily Ever Now

Calling all Love Junkies! Are you ready to redefine the paradigm for love and be the love that you have been seeking?! Join me for an evening of writing, wisdom and wine where we will rewrite our script for love.Let’s expand our definition  together. We will start in love, be the love and open to the unlimited ocean of divine energy called love.

Full Moon Events & Meditations

  • Your Inner Shway: This guided meditation will take you on a journey into your inner home so you can release your blocks and experience greater balance and bliss, harmony and flow.
  • Radical Self Love Meditation
  • Vibing With the True You Meditation
  • Self Forgiveness Meditation
  • Healing of Memories Meditation
  • Inner Child Meditation

Additional Talks

  • Clear Your Home, Heart & Mind
  • Let Go… Let’s Grow
  • 1 Self, 1 Love, Healing Heart Meditation
  • Seeding for Miraculous Month
  • 5 C’s to Shift your Conscious for the Full Moon

Teaching the fabulous female executives at Universal Music Group about the principles of Feng Shui & Intentionality in their every day lives. 

It was a pleasure to have Inessa as guest speaker at the Miami Beach JCC where she spoke about the principles of Feng Shui and Mind, Body, Soul balance. Our members and guest really enjoyed her upbeat, lively and intriguing presentation. She has a way of explaining Feng Shui in terms way that are accessible and easy to apply to your own home and life. We enjoyed her so much that we’ve had her back a few times already!

Inessa taught a Feng Shui workshop on Manifesting Soulful Partnerships for our client The Soho House in Miami Beach. Inessa was well versed on the subject and delivered the information in s passionate, clear and easy to understand humorous manner. She’s able to ground very esoteric terms in practical every day application. The feedback was wonderful from the participants and we would definitely  contract her services again.

Soho House

Our team really enjoyed Inessa’s presentation and recognize the impact that Feng Shui can have on our lives and the importance of de-cluttering!  We were really happy to discover about Feng Shui and are looking forward to implementing  some of the suggestions Inessa mentioned in her presentation.

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years, yet few people have no idea what it truly is. Throughout my life, I’ve always known minimal amount of Feng Shui but after Inessa Frelekhmans workshop I am beyond impressed and more knowledgeable about the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of this ancient practice. Her life experiences and professional history made me confident and comfortable enough to trust her and feel connected to her. I loved how Inessa incorporated a mini mediation opening and closing the workshop. She used these amazing bells that gave my body vibrations and goosebumps I cannot explain. Thanks to Inessa my interest in this field has become quite apparent and I’m excited to begin applying these wonderful practices into my everyday environment. I highly recommend Inessa and will continue to talk about her amazing energy and practices along with my experience, for a lifetime.

Feng Shui presentation for real estate brokers on how to Feng Shui for buying and selling properties.

Teaching a workshop/meditation on setting intentions in 2019!