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Feng Shui from the Heart Certification Program

You can now now get Feng Shui from the Heart Level 1 Cerification from the comfort of your own home!

“Are you an intuitive individual looking to make a positive difference in the lives of others through a lucrative and flexible career?”

“Are you already doing so and desire a deeper, more profound way to impact your client’s lives personally and professionally?”

“Or, are you seeking to deeply integrate the ancient principles of Feng Shui into your home and business life to achieve your greatest potential?”


Have you always been curious about the art of Feng Shui but can’t get past the first couple pages of a book you read because it just seems so confusing?

Youre not alone. There are as many schools of Feng Shui as there are lattes at Starbucks!

Here is a course that will take you step-by-step from a beginners mind to a more advance level of understanding. A course where you can access your intuition and tap into your natural talents as you develop an eye for the Shui.


You will learn the art and science of how the physical environment influences how you act, react, interact and shape your own reality! As you study your environment and the patterns that exist within, you will be equipped with a powerful tool to unlock those secrets and open up to new levels of healing, understanding and fulfillment for yourself and others, as well as create a viable income stream while doing what you love!

This in-depth two day Feng Shui Certification program is 16 hours of experiential learning and will take place..

Date: June 8 & 9 2019

Location: South Beach. Once you RSVP or make you’re deposit, you will receive the exact address.

Once you’ve taken the course you can audit for the rest of your life and refresh your knowledge for half the price!

Graduates can audit for 50% off.

$100 Deposit will hold your spot.

To hold your space please apply by sending me an email with your intention to: and send Payment Via Venmo to Inessa_Freya or Paypal to Inessa using email address: and select “friend” when making your payment.

or call 425-891-6242

*************What you will learn:*************

Module 1:Attuning to your inner Feng Shui Master
Module 2: Preparing the Physical Space
Module 3: Foundations of Feng Shui
Module 4: The mystical mapping device: the Ba-Gua
Module 5: Step by step process for identifying and releasing clutter
Module 6: Cures and enhancements to activate the 9 zones of the Bagua Matrix

To Request your FREE call with Inessa to decide if this course is right for you, please



  • Earn additional Income!
  • Add Feng Shui as a new modality and new income stream to your existing business!
  • Use Feng Shui as a tool to catapult your clients into new levels of inner and outer awareness and success!
  • Utilize the principles of Feng Shui From The Heart to help your clients ATTRACT and CREATE their ideal relationships
  • Learn how to analyze any home or office’s blueprint and make powerful changes to create greater flow and welcome increased prosperity!
  • Cultivate powerful space clearing and mindfulness techniques that will assist you in understanding your clients underlining blocks and how to remedy them
  • Learn sure fire tools for clearing stuck energy and making simple yet powerful changes to your client’s home’s and lives!
  • Move into a deeper conscious awareness of your environment and self!
  • Use the home as a feedback mechanism for greater understanding to your client’s underlining concerns.
    Increase self-worth when asking for payment or referrals.
  • Learn to set fees, build a client base through referrals and acquire teaching and speaking opportunities.

Receive a framed Feng Shui from the Heart™ Certificate of Completion for the Level 1 Practitioner Course

Who will you work with when you enter the exciting field of Feng Shui Consultancy?

  • Clients in need of home or office organization and de-cluttering.
  • Individuals looking to attract the “right” partner or heal existing relationships.
  • Individuals seeking a more balanced and peaceful life
  • Clients who have hired you for interior design and want to add Feng Shui to their home design
  • Clients who want to attract more wealth into their home and business
  • Teenagers who want to improve their space and heal personal issues.
  • Families who want to bring more harmony and connection back into their home.
  • Clients in need of home staging
  • You will work on referral as well with real estate agents, stagers, interior designers, as well as coaches, mentors and counselors.

As you can see, the possibilities for creating a business niche with Feng Shui are endless.


Release what is no longer working for you and make space for new opportunities to live, love and learn!

Create a sanctuary for love in your own bedroom where you feel recharged, rested and romanced!

Enjoy a home that is harmonious and inspiring and awakens your senses.

Create more expansiveness in your office for focus, efficiency, increased success and creativity!

Achieve greater inner harmony and peace through mindfully arranging your environment.

Experience huge transformation in all areas of your life as you bring yourself into greater alignment with your home and heart.

Level II

Once you have mastered the basics, you’re on your way to start practicing this art. I suggest you do it for yourself first, second your friends and family.

Level II is a three month experiential training that puts you out in the field working alongside other students and myself where you will be able to apply the techniques you learned. There will be weekly calls, assignments and check ins along with on-site consults. If you’re interested in more info about this course please email me: