A. As practiced by Inessa Freylekhman, Feng Shui from the Heart is a blend of traditional Feng Shui principles of natural energy flow and harmony with a person’s surroundings, integrated with spiritual psychology to create an environment that heals, inspires and empowers you to feel your best. By following Inessa’s feedback to unblock energy flow, you can enjoy greater success in every area of your life with more grace and ease..

A. Energy flows everywhere, whether you own or rent or intend to buy, Inessa will assess any physical space in which you lives or works, and determine the changes needed to produce a more harmonious balance through subtle adjustment’s like art, furniture, color, sound, smell, plants . It is through these subtle adjustments that your goals can manifest more easily – whether it is a new love, greater prosperity, better health, or anything else for the highest good.  Any space can be made vibrationally better through use of well proven Feng Shui principles and enhancements.

Once we have you on the schedule Inessa will send you a session guide and a questionnaire to help you prepare for your session.

A typical session is loosely organized in three parts.

  • First, Inessa will spend a short time in discussion, where you will have the opportunity to articulate your intentions. Inessa will review your answers to the questionnaire. Then she will do a prayer to open up to universal support and divine unfoldment.
  • Second, she will perform an in-depth space clearing of your home in order to re-set the chi (energy) and clear away imprints, negativity, blocks and any dense energy from former inhabitants.
  • Third, Inessa will review your floor plan with the “ba-gua” template superimposed over your home. Inessa will do an in-depth exploration of what exists in each of its corresponding areas of your house. Those things that may not be in alignment that require corrections will be immediately addressed and corrected. Inessa will provide cures for those areas that need them. She will make recommendations on everything from how to position your furniture, art, plants, office desk, art, wall color and anything else to maximize harmony and flow in your home and make it feel uplifting and inviting.
  • Please note that you will need to prepare a pad of paper and pen, or a recorder to take notes.

A. All people are different as are their experiences during and after the initial Feng Shui session. Some people feel a change, a lightness, a sense of relief instantaneously and others have to make the necessary changes in their homes and lives first. Like with other healing modalities, Feng Shui can sometimes feel like peeling an onion. There are always more layers of healing and growth available to you. Trust the process and know that the work is substantial and deep and produce results in your life. Inessa works on an intuitive level and sometimes may give feedback on how you can change mental and emotional habits to reinforce the positive feng shui changes we are making to your home. If this isn’t something you’re interested in, please let her know upfront. Sessions are unique to each individual.