A Fun Way to Start Clearing Your Mental Clutter!

by | Aug 22, 2008 | Uncategorized

Get out a 8×11′ piece of paper and make a line in the middle creating two sides. On the top of one write, “My 10%.” On the other write. “for the Greater Good 90%.”

Then under your 10% write all the things you really want to experience in your life and also the things that are currently causing you worry, fear, feel unhappy, depressed, distracted, and tired.

Now I want you to circle the things that are under your immediate control. The things that aren’t I want you to cross out and transcribe to other side of the paper under the heading “for The Greater Good 90%.”

For example if one of the things I want is to release 10lbs and get in shape, but Im afraid that I will never have the willpower. I would place the”never have the willpower” on “for the Greatest Good” side of the page!

Can you allow yourself to let go of those things that you have no control over right now?

Place your hand on your heart and say, “I and allowing myself to let go of my fear that I won’t have any money. I am allowing The Greater Good assistance in my life as partner to support me.”


How many of the things under “My 10%” can you take a simple next action on in the next couple of days? What is that next action step? Write it down! Commit to a date. Call a friend or coach or email them to help you stay accountable to getting it done!

Are any of the things on your list, “someday one day maybe items”? It’s important to capture everything on paper! Create a separate someday one day list. Someday one day I will bungie jump!

According to David Allen, author of, ” Getting Things Done,” we are likely to seize opportunities that arise if we have identified and captured them as a possibility.

Once your mind is free and the greater good is your partner you can now co-create from a place of inspiration and imagination and presence because you no longer have all of these cycles of incomplete action running in your mind!