Full Moon Letting Go Meditation @ The Faena

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January 21 lunar eclipse is the first FULL MOON of the year and will focus your attention on emotions, intimate relationships, home, family and…

This full moon will allow you to see clearly your TRUE needs and intentions, and identify imbalances in relationships.

Letting go is the only constant in life. Our culture doesn’t really have proper rituals to mark the end of one relationship journey and the beginning of the next. Unfortunately, staying attached to to a toxic situation keeps us stuck in the past and our hearts closed to attracting in the right people, or truly loving ourselves.

What if opening up to greater abundance, intimacy and joy means letting go of or transforming an unhealthy attachment?

This full moon meditation will support you in cutting the cords between you and unhealthy attachments that keep you locked into unhealthy ways of relating. It’s a time to release those entanglement that no longer serve you.

In a safe, loving and nurturing environment, Inessa will lead you in a powerful Full Moon meditation to set you free, connect to your true source and heal from the pain of letting go and open to a greater destiny.

This Meditation will help you. . .
• Truly release a romantic attachment, a break up, or divorce
• Finally let go of a toxic tie with a parent, friend, boss, deceased loved
Uplevel an unhealthy connection into something more congruent
• Stop clutching to what’s no longer for your highest good and open to what is.

Where: The Faena Hotel Miami Beach
3rd Floor
3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140
When: Monday Jan 21, 6-8PM

Investment: $45

TO RSVP and Purchase Tickets:
spamiami@faena.com or call +786 655 5570

“With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage…” https://astrologyking.com/lunar-eclipse-january-2019/

Inessa Freylekhman is a Feng Shui Accelerator, speaker, author, a licensed Spiritual Psychotherapist and storyteller. As the Feng Shui Practitioner on the highly acclaimed medical team at the Carillon Wellness Resort (formerly Canyon Ranch) she teaches three weekly lectures and offers private psychotherapy and feng shui healing sessions. She has been featured in Ocean Drive magazine, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, World Talk Radio, and has brought workshops to venues such as Universal Records, NBC, National Geographic Magazine, Turnberry Estates, Soho House among many others. Her unique blend of Feng Shui and spiritual psychology has helped thousands attain more love, fulfillment and harmony from the inside out and the outside in!