How to Turn a Bedroom Blunder into a Heart-Centered Wonder! A Tele-Seminar!

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How to Convert a Bedroom Blunder into a Heart-Centered Wonder


What message does your bedroom send out about you?

Is it holding your single status in place?

Whether you’re single and looking for the right partner, or in a relationship and want to deepen your intimacy, then the first place to start is in the bedroom!

In this Tele-Seminar, you will learn sure fire tips to transform your bedroom from hum drum and boring into a sanctuary for love!

We will……….

1. Identify Major Bedrooms Romance Zappers

2. Show you how to arrange your bedroom for Rest, Romance & Rejuvenation

3. Turn your bedroom into a Drama-Free Zone!

4. Apply the “Love” grid to your bedroom to amplify your intentions!

When: Wednesday February 11, 2009, 7:00PM-8:30PM

Cost: $10, refer a friend and pay $5!

Where: Tele-Seminar Conference Line.
Once you have RSVP’d, you will receive an email with the phone number and access code!

Please RSVP by sending me an email: Payment can be made via pay pal or by check!

Inessa Freylekhman, professional Feng Shui Practitioner and MA in Spiritual Psychology offers life-enhancing services to men and woman from all walks of life. Her work has appeared in LA Yoga Magazine, on KPFK, Star 98.7 and various Internet Talk Shows.