Can Feng Shui Help the White House?

by | Mar 10, 2008 | Goverment

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Lately I’ve been contemplating the larger ramifications of Feng Shui on a national and even global level. I began to wonder how Feng shui could change the nation, starting with the White House.Feng Shui is system for reaching ones full potential. So why not help the White House reach its potential. My desire to Feng Shui the White House inspired me to go out into the world and ask others this question:

If you could Feng Shui the White House what would be the first thing you would do?

I came across bank tellers, grocery clerks, artists, life coaches, and even Al Gore Jr. All were eager to share their cures and remedies.  Many had no idea what Feng Shui was, but still spoke like masters when discussing their plans to bring balance and harmony to the White House.Some of these answers I received a few months ago and way before the primaries. Many are humorous and hit a little below the belt and other applicable and relevant. I tried creating a balance. At the bottom, you can find my own personal suggestions.

  1. “Put a slinky on the President’s desk to increase flexibility in working with others in order to be of genuine service to people rather than corporations.”     Erika Gabaldon-Feresten
  2.  “I’d rearrange the interior of the president’s mind.” Michael Shore, president of MSC enterprises Inc.
  3. “Improve energy flow of White House by replacing Bushes with Lucky Bamboo.” Erika Gabaldon-Feresten  
  4. “Put in lots of fountains, there would be less hardness and more fluidity to assist them in solving world problems.” Pamela, Vitamin Rep.
  5. “Build a shrine or an alter or a large crystal right in the center which would emanate divine white light and clear and disperse any choked, negative stuck chi.” Raquel, Spiritual Psychologist, Visionary
  6. “Tie red ribbons around all White House sink pipes to stop tax payer money from draining out of the US and into the pockets of multi-international corporations and private contractors based overseas.”  Erika Gabaldon-Feresten
  7. “I would place a crystal between gb’s teeth to keep him from speaking.”  Malibu mother, author, couch
  8.  “Put a koi pond in the Lincoln bedroom and a wind tunnel through the increase the flow of ki that rides the wind..and maybe the president would fall into the pond.” (Al Gore Jr. and I think he was referring to GB)
  9. “Highlight Ying and Yang Philosophies by jamming Lucky Bamboo up Dick Cheny’s ying yang.”  Anonymous
  10. “Put a yellow rug in the entry hall to promote health and healing, putting people before profits by implementing a universal single payer health care system like that of the rest of the industrialized world.”  Anonymous.

My Personal Suggestions:
First I will place Rose Quartz –a heart chakra opening stone- all over the property. Next, I will hang a gigantic multifaceted crystal from the ceiling in the center of the building with the intention of dispersing negative thought patterns. I will also superimpose the ba-gua (a grid which represents 9 areas of life and can be used to strengthen one’s overall chi) over the white house and move the President’s office into the”skills, wisdom and knowledge” area of the ba-gua. This will be done with the intention of shedding some enlightenment onto his/her decision making process.  

I will introduce a room with flowing water and low voltage lighting where the administration would have to go and meditate for 10 minutes before making any major decisions and reconnect to the deeper meaning of WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED UPON: “One nation under G-D, undivided…” definitely sounds like a highly conscious sentiment-involving a higher power.” Liberty and justice for all” really sounds to me like, “for the highest god of all considered.”  It’s basically giving your ego over to a higher power and saying, “this is what I’d like to create here, but I want to do it in partnership with spirit and for the highest good of all. It’s not about just one group, family, party or organization benefiting- getting richer at the expense of others. I know that criticizing the administration really doesn’t help anyone. We need to reeducate-starting with ourselves first. So that even when George Bush is no longer in power, there are new thought patterns running through the White House. Which is exactly why I think that Feng Shui rituals can balance power and make the highest good, the top priority!