Bringing in the Abundance of the Ocean

by | Oct 22, 2008 | Uncategorized


Water in Feng Shui represents Abundance and Life Force energy.

I make it a habit to go to the ocean at least twice a week. I find that it cleanses my body, mind and soul. Its a way of re-setting my chi. Especially after I’ve been in a session or woke up not feeling so great.

I like to come to the ocean and to release anything I may have picked up from my client that doesn’t belong to me, or any negative thoughts that are spiraling around in my mind.

In Feng Shui we bring the energy of water-abundance and life force into our homes to promote Prosperity, Tranquility and New Energy in the following ways:

1. Purchase a water fountain and place it in the far left hand corner of your home-from the front door-thats the prosperity section of the house. If there is bathroom there or a sink there, then that can represent an energy drainer, or a money drain. You can counteract that by introducing a plant, like bamboo to symbolically absorb the water, or a live plant, or even a picture of a tree or a plant! It’s that easy!

2. You can get a picture of water, like a water fall, lake or ocean and hang that in your prosperity section. The other area that water corresponds with is the career are, which is always on the same wall as the front door, but not necessarily the front door, it falls in the middle of the wall.

There you can also place a water fountain to bring in new opportunities, or prospects, or when you are ready for a new career. Make sure the water is flowing into the house and not out, so you’re not loosing opportunities.

3. Hang a mirror facing the ocean an direct it to draw in the energy of abundance and life force into your home!

I hope those suggestions help and just visiting the Ocean is such an abundant, self-nurturing activity. I feel so good every time I go. EvenĀ  if it’s just for 10 minutes.

So what are you waiting for!