Feng Shui for Everyone: Giving Back to My Community

by | Aug 8, 2008 | Promo

Dear Friends,

I’m in a place of gratitude. I’ve had incredible experiences this last year. My practice continues to grow and thrive and the transformative power of Feng Shui spreads throughout the world.

Come September I will be traveling to Bali to continue my studies with pioneer Feng Shui artist and space clearing expert Karen Kingston. I believe much of my success has come from the amazing support from my clients and friends.

My intention is to share my gratitude with you, your family and friends. Especially those people that have always wanted to try Feng Shui, but have felt it was too much of a luxury.

Here is what clients that have experienced Feng Shui have to say:

I call her the Mary Poppins of Feng Shui. She immediately spotted the weak
areas in my home, and in my life, and using a combination of USM
skills and Feng Shui art, suggested “remedies” that call me into a
deeper conscious relationship with myself and my world. I now feel
much better at my desk – my holy space for writing and creating – as
well as generally in my home. I highly recommend that you give
yourself this gift!

Elana Golden, Screenwriter, director, teacher, Founder of The Writing Studio

“Inessa has changed my life. She did it in the first 15 minutes that she arrived at my home. She’s very observant, can see problems immediately and knows how to fix them so that you can have prosperity, good health and great relationships if you want them.” Pat Saliba

“Thanks to Inessa, there is now a palpably peaceful and well-intentioned energy grid in my home. She has a very encouraging and coolly refined touch, and it was really fun getting feng shui’d.” Kevin Wile, Filmaker

“Sweet Inessa is nothing less than a miracle worker! After resisting her Fung Shui for more than a few months, I have finally decided to give her a shot. Now, faster than I have ever imagined, all my dreams are manifesting right in front of me!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am forever grateful!!!
One HAPPY & JOYFULL Customer, Lauren Gale, Author
, www.frombreakuptobreakthrough.com


My prices recently increased to $150/hour, and I am going to gift the next 20 people that contact me with a 1 hour on-site Feng Shui session for only $50 * This also applies to a one hour phone consultation.

Everyone is welcome to respond, but priority will go to those that that have never experienced Feng Shui before!

This special one hour consultation will include:

– Space Clearing
– Analysis of Energy Patterning in your space
– Recommendations for placement of furniture/ objects/plants/mirrors/art to enhance harmony, flow, abundance and love
– Cures to counteract blockages and drains

Please email me, inessa@fengshuifromtheheart@yahoo.com, or call me to set up a consultation:310.926.2722

Love and Light

* If you choose to go deeper with the experience, then any additional hours will be at the reduced rate of $100/hr. For those that live 25 miles outside of the Santa Monica area there will be a fee of $20 added for drive time.