Happy Home, Happy Heart-Replay

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Dear Infinite, irresistible, free-flowing you!

We had a deeply moving and transformational call last night on The Year of the Dragon Tele-Seminar Series.
I led everyone in a special meditation at the end of the call called, “Happy Home, Happy  Heart.”
Read some of the responses I’ve already received,
“I also had tears from the meditation; tears of JOY for all the

BLESSINGS coming in. Thank you!


Sharing more love….

Inessa’s Call this evening with Feng Shui guidance was amazing!!!
I experienced the most profound healing from her guided meditation!!!
I am applying all of the suggestions to my home tomorrow. I will
listen to the re-play because I Know there was a wealth of information I feel that I missed. She has such a unique gift & niche. Wow, delighted, enlivened, and thoroughly grateful!!! Thank you to the hosts of this summit!!!!
Infinite Blessings,



EXPERIENCE this meditation for Yourself…

and all the wonderful tidbits of information that was shared.

Click HERE for replay:



With Warmth, Love & Gratitude,