Help Your Teen Get in Command of Their Life With Feng Shui!

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Office, Teens, Tips



In Feng Shui, the position of the bed and desk can support your teen in feeling in command of their life, getting better sleep, increased focused, as well as confidence and more security in relationships!

Taking the Commanding Bed Position promotes security in relationship with self and others, as well an improves sleep. Follow these steps below for the ideal arrangement!


1.    A full view of the room with the door in sight is optimal from where they are sleeping for feeling empowered.

2.    Not being able to see the door triggers the old reptilian brain’s flight or fight response system and it basically leaves us feeling exposed, on guard and unsafe.

3.    Make sure that the bed is against a solid wall for security and support.

4.    Stay clear of placing bed under a window.

Taking the Commanding Desk Position encourages focus and concentration and will support your teen in feeling on top of their homework! 

1.    Make sure they are sitting in a chair with a straight back (no gaps)

2.    Their back must be up against a solid wall (no window)

3.    Clear view of the door from where they are sitting.

4.    Don’t face a wall; this can create a sense blockage and stagnation.

Virtual Command Position:  When your teen’s view of the door is obstructed they may be missing important opportunities since they can’t see what’s flowing in and out of their life. If you absolutely can’t change the position of your teen’s desk or bed, then help them get into the virtual command position. The virtual what? Virtual command means that you position a mirror in such a way so that you can see the door from wherever you’re sleeping or working.

There is a web site that sells rearview type mirrors for computers, which would put them in the virtual command position. Check However, any mirror will serve the same purpose-as long as you can see what’s behind you.


If you can’t figure this out, feel free to email me pictures of their room and I will give you feedback!