Move Your Bed, Change Your Love life!

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If you haven’t signed up already, please join me for this journey into the heart of your bedroom on Thursday June 21 at 5:30 PST.

On this  free tele-seminar  we will look at the one place in your home that can tell you the most about  your ability to manifest love!

Bedrooms broadcast messages, and the way we arrange our belongings and the things we chose to reveal, or chose not to, can tell us a lot about what’s happening (or not happening) in our love life.

I haven’t always been an expert at creating a sanctuary for love in the bedroom. I remember a time when one side of my bed was barricaded with books and boxes full of useless nick knacks, and I kept saying “I needed to put that away.”  Love was no where in sight. I was complaining that I wasn’t getting the male attention I desired, yet I was unwilling to move that darn box!

It makes me laugh now thinking about it. Can you relate?. Do you ever say you want one thing, but your actions clearly say another?

Once I set the intention for what I really wanted, and moved the barricade, the flood gates of love opened wide!

And that’s what I want to do for you! I want to help you identify the blocks in your room and heart and support you in releasing them so you too can draw in the love you desire.

I’ve been perfecting the art of feng shui for love for over a decade for myself and many others. I’ve seen it in my own life when I manifested my beloved a little less then  a year ago, and am now engaged!    

I really hope you will join us for this call.  The information will help you turn your love life around and manifest your beloved!

Click here to sign up…

I can’t wait to “see” you on the call!