Summer is Almost Here, Turn Up the Chi and Have Some Fun!

by | May 31, 2010 | Tips


Summer is the ultimate Yang Month and it’s on its way. Yang is an energy that supports all creative endeavors, outdoor activities,travel, new and reignited romance, optimal health and well being, as well as an overall good mood and fun!

In Feng Shui, summer is also associated with the color red, and the element of fire and the gua (area) called, “Fame, Reputation, Courage, Vitality, Image and Persona.” It’s really about letting your light shine and stepping into your greatest self!

Invite summer into your home right now by appealing to your 5 senses!

1.       Visual: Introduce pictures of great summer trips from the past, beach, sun shine, yellow and happy things. Also make room for all of the great summer pictures you will take this year!

2.       Olfactory: Scent is the fastest way to ignite your passion and zest for life! Regularly throw the trash out, have your carpet cleaned, and add natural summer scents to your home like jasmine and dried lavender and orchid. Citrus aroma therapy is divine and will bring fresh and fun to your home.

3.       Tactile:  I’m all about the style, but if you substitute aesthetics for comfort, your good chi will dwindle.  Create an area that you can totally lounge in. That might even mean getting a hammock  or a super comfy lounge chair where you can chillax. Also, Introducing Sea shells/rocks and sand will bring the warm summer feel right into your home.

4.       Sound: What do you hear? Are the sounds from squeaky, doors, leaky faucets, or rickety hardwood flooring getting on your nerves. Fix those right now and feel embraced by the sounds of the ocean, soothing wind chimes, a water fountain, or a CD with the sound of tropical animals. Make simple fixes to create soulful summer sounds.

5.       Taste: When is the last time you used your kitchen?  Kitchens are super important in Feng Shui terms and represent your creativity and abundance. Cook up a storm and literally let those creative juices flow into every area of your life by making and enjoying these refreshing Summer Drinks:

·         Ice tea with raspberries and lemon.

·         Blend Coconut juice and meat with mint and Agave.

·         Juice cucumber, Melon, Celery and kiwi!


Hit me Up With that Chi! Are you ready to bring your home to its next level of well being and inspiration? Want to spend more time in those good vibrations?

Hanging art, decorations, chimes, whirly gigs, crystals, stars, tapestries, etc, high up on the wall will help you strive for the best and reach for your dreams!



Inessa Freylekhman